Focused Fishing.

I love to fish and for me, it's all about the catching. Being out on the water is great, don't get me wrong, but we're on a mission, and that's to catch fish. I prefer to fish offshore for a simple reason - ACTION. Definitely more activity offshore, with a wide variety of available species to catch depending on the time of year. I define offshore as 5 to 50 miles from the beach. Typical species we target are Mangrove and Yellowtail snapper, Grouper (Red and Gag), Cobia, Permit, Snook, Tarpon, Kingfish, and Spanish mackerel. We also catch non-targeted species like the protected Goliath Grouper (aka Jewfish), Blue Runners, Sheepshead, Jack Crevalle, Amberjack and more.

I'm a big proponent of fishing the tides versus the time of day. Tides make all the difference. No tide = No Fish, or very few. I schedule trips based on tidal movement to optimize results. The following link is to and attaches to the tide section. Just select the closest tide location to you, the month and date you're interested in.

Inshore, the bite can be a little less active, but lot's of fun nonetheless. I define inshore as deep into the mangroves to just off the beaches and points. Targeted species include Snook, Redfish, Tarpon and Speckled Trout, Mangrove Snapper and Pompano. Plenty of incidental catches inshore as well, like Black Drum, Ladyfish, Jack Crevalle, Catfish (yuck), Jewfish, Spanish mackerel and Flounder.

I prefer to fish with live baitfish when available and jigs tipped with live shrimp. I have no problem fishing artificial baits; they just don't catch as much with the exception of Berkeley's GulpT shrimp - they're incredibly effective.

Night Fishing

Fishing offshore at night can be VERY productive for large Mangrove and Yellowtail Snapper, which are the targets offshore at night. As weather and tides permit (key factors), there's nothing better. Snapper fishing during the day is very productive, but at night, the big snapper are feeding. Love it!!!