Recipes from Sam Young Charters

The Ultimate Fried Snapper Recipe

Ingredients: Egss, Rice or general purpose flour, your favorite spices, Panko flakes (aka Japanese Bread Crumbs), Peanut Oil

Beat 3-4 eggs in a bowl, in a ziplock bag, mix your spices into a cup of Rice flour or general purpose flour and empty into a bowl, then fill a bowl with Panko Flakes. Heat a large skillet with about a half inch of peanut oil and heat to 350 degrees. Make sure your snapper fillets have been washed and dried off with a paper towel. Drop a couple of fillets into the flour with spices, and dust each side with the mixture. Then dip the fillets in the egg wash, soak them well and immediately drop them into the Panko Flakes and coat them well. Final step is to ease the fillets into the peanut oil and turn them until golden brown. Set on a paper towel and repeat the process until all fillets have been cooked.

The Wasabi Sauce ­ So simple but soooo good!

Ingredients: Mayonaise, Sweet Pickle Relish and Wasabi Paste (comes in a plastic tube).

In a bowl, add a cup of mayonnaise, then a couple of tablespoons of sweet relish to taste. Finally, add about an inch of Wasabi paste from the tube to start with, and mix well. You can always add more Wasabi and relish to taste, I like mine spicy. The final product should have a pale lime-green color to it.

The blend of the sweet relish and heat of the Wasabi paste make for a killer sauce. Try it!

Spicy RO*TEL Fish Stew over white rice.

This recipe came to me years ago from my Cajun friend from New Orleans, Bobby Bergeron. Itís so easy, and so tasty, you wonít believe it.

RO*TEL is a brand of diced tomatoes, peppers and green chilies. Itís available in nearly all grocery stores, and comes in 10 oz. cans, look for it next to the canned tomatoes and or Mexican Food section. RO*TEL comes in several flavors, from mild to spicy HOT. I like the ďOriginalĒ version as a starting point, which has a nice bite to it. You can always ramp up the heat, but this will give you a great baseline.

Iíve made this dish with nearly every kind of fish I catch Ė trout, redfish, snook, pompano, cobia, itís all great, so pick a fish and itíll work.


Open two cans of RO*TEL and pour all contents into a sauce pan and bring to a simmer (tough stuff huh?). Then cube, or slice fillets into strips, and add to simmering RO*TEL. Let cook for 10 minutes, or until the fish flakes with a fork. Pour contents over steaming rice and enjoy. Thatís it!

Try it one time, youíll thank me for it!!